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The story of our Leavers' Books

We needed to get better at saying 'goodbye'

We have always focussed on making every day at Magic Kingdom Nursery special and memorable. We really believe that the children in our care love attending our nursery. Whilst morning tears last a little longer into September from some than they do for others, by October we generally find that our children are always excited about coming in in the morning.

Whilst we have amazing staff who are fantastic at making every day a wonderful experience for our children, for too long we were really bad at saying goodbye. Not because we got too attached and struggled to see them go, though that is sometimes the case, but because we just didn’t do enough.

We always made a bit of a fuss on the last day, with cakes and a nice lunch, and we collated all of the children’s work for them to take home. We just never gave them anything that would last longer than a month at home before being put in the bin.

Luckily, we were introduced to Nursery Leavers’ Books.

We instantly knew that we had found the solution we had been looking for. And so I got to work creating a leavers’ book.

I requested a sample book from the website, and had a look around to see what it was all about. The sample was fantastic, and there was lots of information online, but I wanted to do something a little different.

I wanted our leavers’ book to be something that the children and their carers could look through years from now and be reminded of some of the brilliant things we did at nursery.

The theory was that parents will love the memories, the children will love learning about things they may have forgotten, and in a selfish way, it’s nice to think that all of the hard work we put into making these children’s formative years special won’t be forgotten too quickly.

Creating the yearbook was simple, and the support from Leavers’ Books invaluable.

I used the online creator to create the yearbook, as I wanted something a bit different. However this year I’m considering using the professionally designed service.

The online creator was very easy to use. I’m not particularly ‘techie’ so there were a couple of points where I got a little confused, but the team at Leavers’ Books were so patient with me and helped me find solutions to any problems I encountered.

I Hope you enjoy looking through our yearbook!

Mandy Robinson
Nursey Manager
Magic Kingdom Nursery