Magic Kingdom Nursery

The story of our Leavers' Books

We needed to get better at saying 'goodbye'

We have always focussed on making every day at Magic Kingdom Nursery special and memorable. We really believe that the children in our care love attending our nursery. Whilst morning tears last a little longer into September from some than they do for others, by October we generally find that our children are always excited about coming in in the morning.

Whilst we have amazing staff who are fantastic at making every day a wonderful experience for our children, for too long we were really bad at saying goodbye. Not because we got too attached and struggled to see them go, though that is sometimes the case, but because we just didn’t do enough.

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My ten tips for creating your yearbook:

1) Do it! If you’re still unsure whether or not you are going to create one, do it. They’re easy to put together, children absolutely love them, and parents are so grateful. They went down so well with parents that we are going to charge for them this year, and raise some funds for the nursery. They have also raised our reputation in the area. All of last year’s parents have shown their friends, we even had a new parent this year ask if we are doing them again.

2) Get content together now. Luckily in the age of social media we were able to get most of the pictures we needed from our Facebook page, but this year I have been getting yearbook content together since September. It makes it so much easier when you put the yearbook together.

3) Make a plan. Before I even logged in to the online creator I planned out what I wanted to achieve from a yearbook, and what I wanted on each page. The flat plan generator on the Nursery leavers’ Books site helped with this.


A fantastic and fun gift that your children will love!